Join us ONLINE for Culture Night, 22nd September at 6 PM!

For such a small island, Ireland’s folklore certainly has a vast variety of Fair Folk, many of whom have influenced the various types of fairies, pixies, sprites and elves across many fictional realms and worlds. ‘Fairy’ is often the umbrella term but it means different things in different settings. (And can have several different spellings, too!) How much of fairy representation stays true to folklore? And how much does fantasy fiction shape our modern perceptions and beliefs around these beings?

Octocon will be going LIVE next Friday, 22nd September for Culture Night. In collaboration with Wikimedia Community Ireland, join us for a panel discussion with Amy O’Riordan, Lora O’Brien, and Morgan Daimler for a fascinating confabulation on fairies, fae, and fair folk in folklore, fantasy and fiction.

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