Save the date! The Celtic Knot is back! 

After several years of online conferences, Wikimedia Community Ireland is thrilled to announce that we will be hosting The Celtic Knot in person, in Waterford City, Ireland in September 2024. 

What is the Celtic Knot Conference?

The Celtic Knot is a Wikimedia Languages Conference. It aims to bring people together to share their experiences of working on sharing information in minority and minoritised languages in the digital space.

Minority languages may be marginalised within nations for a number of reasons. These include having a relatively small number of speakers, a decline in the number of speakers, and popular belief that these speakers are uncultured, or primitive, or the minority language is a dialect of the dominant language. Support for minority languages is sometimes viewed as supporting separatism, for example, the ongoing revival of the Celtic languages in the British Isles and France (IrishWelshScottish GaelicManxCornish and Breton). (Minority languages, Wikipedia)

The conference will provide a space for learning, networking and knowledge exchange for minority language speakers from all over the world with a specific focus on Celtic languages including Gaelige. At the conference participants will gather to learn how to direct the flow of information across language barriers and support their communities.

The Celtic Knot Wikimedia Languages Conference is a place where people working on growing and maintaining their communities (on Wikipedia, but also Wikisource or Wikidata) can meet, learn from each other, and support each other on topics like community growth, technical tools, or collaboration with partners.

In collaboration with Wikimedia UK, this year’s Celtic Knot conference will be the sixth annual edition of the conference. In the past, the Celtic Knot has taken place at the University of Edinbugh and the National Library of Wales. It has also taken place online. The conference usually spotlights a language or language family, and the participants can learn more about the cultural context as well as the state of the Wikimedia projects in these languages.

Celtic Knot 2024 will take place in Waterford

This year the Celtic Knot will take place in Waterford City in the South-east of Ireland. Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland and a true historical gem. Situated on a picturesque harbour, the city boasts a rich medieval history. Originally the site of a Viking settlement, defensive walls and fortifications can still be seen today. It is accessible from Dublin, Cork, and Shannon airports.

County Waterford is also home to a coastal Gaeltacht area (Gaeltacht na nDéise) consisting of the parishes of An Rinn and An Sean Phobal. The word ‘Gaeltacht’ signifies an area where the Irish language is still spoken as the main community language. Waterford is one of seven counties in Ireland which contains a Gaeltacht area making it the ideal location for the Celtic Knot Conference 2024. 

The conference will also see the official launch of the Toolkits and resources created as part of our WikiWomen Erasmus+ Project along with a panel discussion with partners.

Waterford Harbour at Night, By User: Typhoon, CC AA 2.0

Have your Say Complete the Survey

If you are involved in underrepresented languages on the Wikimedia Projects, please help us design the program by filling out the community survey by January 21st.

You can read more and keep up to date about Celtic Knot 2024 on meta

Stay tuned for more details about the event, the program, and how to get involved! 

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