Last week Wikimedia Community Ireland proudly released the first episode of our new podcast in tandem with the global Wiki Loves Folklore 2024 campaign. Titled “Brigid: Bridging Worlds – Unraveling the Goddess and Saint in Irish Tradition,” the episode is a captivating introduction to the podcast’s mission. 

The inaugural episode was hosted by Amy, our Irish Language Officer who kicked off with a a deep dive into the multifaceted figure of Brigid – both the Irish Goddess and Saint. The theme of the episode aligned closely with WCI’s commitment to promoting diversity and openness and ties in with the Wiki Loves Folklore project’s Feminism and Folklore campaign

The podcast’s premiere sees guest Orlagh Costello of the Irish Pagan School, take us on a fascinating exploration of the legendary figure, Brigid. Through Brigid’s multifaceted identity, the podcast initiates a nuanced conversation about the intersection of feminism, folklore, and Irish history, providing listeners with an insightful glimpse into the rich traditions and diverse stories that Wikimedia Community Ireland aims to champion.

Moving forward we hope to use the podcast as a platform to explore all things Wiki and the free knowledge movement, showcase the exciting projects we are working on, and continue to elevate the Irish language in the digital space. 

Amy, Irish Language Officer here at Wikimedia Community Ireland, expresses enthusiasm about the podcast launch: “Our podcast is a window into the vibrant world of Irish cultural heritage and Wikimedia Community Ireland’s dedication to its promotion and preservation through the free knowledge movement. We’re thrilled to start with the Feminism and Folklore campaign, shedding light on women’s narratives in Irish folklore and history. The podcast will feature episodes in English agus trí Ghaeilge, depending on the content and guests we speak to.”

The podcast is available to stream for free here. Join us as we embark on a journey into the heart of Ireland’s rich cultural tapestry and the free knowledge movement.


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