The Celtic Knot 2024 is a gathering that acknowledges the diversity of Celtic language communities and their presence within the global Wikimedia ecosystem. Rooted in the spirit of collaboration and community empowerment, this event serves as a nexus for language enthusiasts, Wikimedia contributors, cultural advocates, academics and researchers to come together and explore innovative approaches to language preservation, promotion, and recognition of Celtic and minority languages in the digital space.

As we are currently building the program for the conference, we would love to invite community members to contribute to the event by giving a presentation, a lightning talk, running a workshop or submitting a poster. The call for program proposals is now open until Sunday, July 14th. You can make a proposal directly on Wiki or using a form. You will find all the details and instructions on the Call for Submissions page.

Key information
  • Dates: Wednesday 25th September to Friday 27th September 
  • Location: Tower Hotel, Waterford, Ireland 
  • Call for Proposals: Opens in June, Deadline June 30th 
  • Scholarship application deadline June 30th
  • Please find more information on the Celtic Knot Meta-Wiki Page.

To support participants coming from Ireland or Europe to attend the event, we are offering scholarships to cover event tickets, travel and accommodation. For people located in other areas of the world or people who cannot join onsite, we are offering e-scholarships covering data packages to watch the conference from home. The scholarship application process is now open until Sunday, June 30th. You can find the form and the instructions on the Attend page


We are looking forward to receiving your contributions to the program and scholarship requests! Keep an eye on the event page for more updates including details about the venue, program and registration soon!


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

About the Celtic Knot Language Conference

With a focus on inclusivity, creativity, and knowledge exchange, the Celtic Knot Language Conference provides a platform for attendees to share their experiences, and best practice in leveraging Wikimedia projects to support Celtic language communities. From exploring historical legacies to envisioning bold futures, the conference offers a dynamic space for dialogue, learning, and collaboration. The Celtic Knot aims to foster the growth and promotion of Celtic language initiatives as well as other minoritised languages. 

Aims of the 2024 Celtic Knot Wikimedia Language Conference 

In uniting voices from across the Celtic world we aim to bridge past legacies with future aspirations in the realm of language preservation and promotion. Together, we will weave a tapestry of cultural heritage, linguistic diversity, and digital innovation, empowering Celtic languages to thrive in the digital age. 

2024 Theme: Bridging Legacies and Forging Futures in Celtic Language Wikimedia Communities

Day 1: Journey Through Legacies: Tracing Celtic Wikimedia Roots

  • Discover more about the legacies of Wikimedia pioneers, delving into the insights and experiences that inform our present-day endeavours. We invite submissions that explore the historical foundations of Celtic Wikimedia projects, sharing stories and lessons learned from the past to help shape our future.

Day 2: Momentum Unleashed: Overcoming Barriers, Igniting Progress

  • Discover contemporary Celtic Wikimedia initiatives as we confront barriers and progress towards our collective goals. 
  • Join us as Wikimedia Community Ireland launches the toolkits developed through the WikiWomen Erasmus+ Project which empowers second-level students to research, write, and share biographies of women and gender-nonconforming individuals through their respective regional languages. 
  • We welcome submissions that highlight innovative strategies, success stories, and challenges overcome in advancing Celtic language projects within the Wikimedia community.

Day 3: Visions Forged: Charting Paths in Language Advocacy

  • Forge paths in language advocacy and representation within Wiki communities as we collectively sculpt a shared vision for the future of Celtic language preservation and promotion within the Wikimedia landscape. 
  • We’re seeking submissions that explore best practices, research findings, and strategic insights aimed at strengthening Celtic language communities (in physical and digital spaces), providing Open Access resources, and advocating for visibility and rights on Wikimedia Projects.

Image: Katie Crampton (WMUK), CC BY 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


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