For the very first time Wikikmedia Community Ireland are taking part in the Wiki Loves Pride International Photo Competition! We need your help to gather images of Pride 2024 to publish on Wikipedia and make open knowledge more diverse!

The Wiki Loves Pride photography contest is an opportunity to document and visually showcase LGBTQ+ culture around the globe. Please see Photography Contest Rules and Photography Contest Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below for detailed information about the Photography Contest. To submit a photograph for the contest, use the Submit button near the bottom of this page to be in with the chance of winning prizes!

About the Campaign

Wiki Loves Pride is a global campaign in the Wiki Loves X outreach tradition to expand and improve LGBTQ+-related content across all Wikimedia projects, in all languages. Most activities of Wiki Loves Pride and Queering Wikipedia take place between June and October, traditionally the months when lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT+) communities around the world celebrate LGBT+ culture and history.

We seek to improve LGBTQ+-related content in the following ways:

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How to Participate in Wiki Loves Pride Photo Competition
1. Create a User Account:

If you do not have a user account for the Wikimedia projects, you can create one here: Create Account.

It is possible to do this without including an email address. However, email addresses are needed for notifying winners and allowing us to contact you to ensure that your photo is eligible. Email addresses are not visible to Wiki Loves Pride organizers or to others.

2. Find a Subject:

In Wiki Loves Pride, we are looking for photos that capture the essence of LGBT+ experiences, culture, history, and heritage. This can include events, landmarks, symbols, and everyday life within the LGBT+ community. Consider attending local Pride events or visiting significant LGBT+ landmarks across Ireland.

3. Go Out and Photograph!

With this competition, we want to capture the vibrant and diverse LGBT+ community without compromising their comfort and safety. Please ensure that you respect the privacy and consent of individuals in your photographs.

If photographing events or people, always ask for permission. When taking photos in public places, be mindful of local regulations. If you want to take photos with a drone, know the local regulations and adhere to them.

Adding coordinates is voluntary but extremely useful. If your camera offers the option to save the coordinates for the photos, please use this function. This allows the photos to be clearly assigned. If your camera does not offer this option, you can record your locations with your smartphone or a navigation device and add them later. Alternatively, you can estimate the approximate location on a map afterward.

4. Upload Your Photos:

Photos can be uploaded for the competition from 1 June until 31 October 2024**. It does not matter when the photos were taken.

To upload the photo, visit the Wiki Loves Pride Ireland page and follow the instructions to upload your images. Ensure your photos are correctly categorized so others can easily find, reuse, and admire your work!
5. Done!

Well done, you’ve taken part in Wiki Loves Pride 2024 in Ireland!

Good luck, and remember you can upload as many eligible pictures as you like.

N.B.: All pictures have to be uploaded from 1 June to 31 October 2024. You can also upload images that you may already have taken in the past, but you can only upload them during the indicated period.

For more visit:


The contest submissions will run from 28 June 2024 (00:01 UTC) – 31 October 2024 (23:59 UTC)*.


To add an image to this contest click on the upload button below.

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One of the aims of Wiki Loves Pride will be to increase the number of people and perspectives contributing to LGBT information on the site, as well as encourage institutions to add their authority information, research, and images to the public domain. 

As this is Wikimedia Community Ireland’s first time holding a Wiki Loves Pride photography competition, as such we don’t have any previous winners to show off but here is a selection of Pride-related pictures to give you an idea of what we’re looking for! Visit the gallery of photos from Pride in Ireland here. 

Giuseppe Milo from Dublin, Ireland, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Rules and Regulations

We try to keep the competition clean and simple. There are only a few rules for photos to participate in Wiki Loves Earth Ireland. Let’s quickly go through them.

Every submission should be:

  • Self taken and self uploaded;
  • Uploaded between (1st June to 31st August 2024);
  • During the upload process, you give permission with a CC BY-SA license to re-use the image;
  • Represent a topic that doesn’t violate personal privacy or copyright.

Next to that, there are a few practical rules:

  • You should have an activated email address on Wikimedia Commons (otherwise e cannot contact you to let you know you have won);
  • If the photo gets deleted for any reason, it is automatically disqualified from the competition;
  • You are responsible for following the law while taking and uploading the photo.

Between June and October**2024, you may upload as many pictures (old or new) as you want, at the end of which a jury will evaluate the photographs and select the best 3 pictures of Ireland. The jury will then announce the winners in September 2024.

Judging criteria

The jury will determine the winners of the contest by taking into consideration the following criteria (in no particular order):

  • Technical quality (sharpness, use of light, perspective etc.);
  • Originality;
  • Usefulness of the image for Wikipedia.

Images that reach a top ranking of the final evaluation phase, will typically at least fulfill the technical criteria of the ‘Featured Image’ process at Wikimedia Commons. But feel free to submit as many images as you want.