The six winning images can be found here!

Wikimedia Community Ireland are excited to announce that Wiki Science returned to Ireland again for 2019. The competition calls on participants to take pictures related to the science and upload them to Wikimedia Commons under a free license, to generate a more robust collection of open licence scientific images.

There are 6 main images categories:

  1. People in science – Scientists in their natural habitat.
  2. Microscopy images – Optical, electron, and scanning probe microscopy images all fall under this category.
  3. Non-photographic media – Audio and video files, computer-generated imagery, etc.
  4. Image sets – Thematically linked images, that can be viewed as one set such as sets showing natural variation within animal or plant specimens. Image set could be made up from up to 10 separate images.
  5. Wildlife and nature – Organisms who grow or live wild in an area. Macro photography also falls under this category.
  6. General category – Everything else goes into this category, from archaeology to zoology and from vulcanology to astronomy.

In Ireland we also award a seventh prize for an image representing Women in STEM in the people in science category.


  • To participate you need a Wikimedia account, you can create an account here. Be sure to add your email address so that we can contact you when you win!
  • This contest was held in November and early December only images uploaded from 1 November to 15 December 2019 will be eligible.
  • For the photo to be considered scientific, it needs to have a robust description. The description should provide information about what the image shows, how and where.
  • Anyone, except the jury, can add images. The number of images per participant is unlimited.
  • The authorship must be from the person uploading the photograph to Wikimedia Commons. You can only participate with your own images, or with images of which you are one of the authors. In the latter case, all names of co-authors must be provided.
  • Images must be published under a free-use license. Possible licenses are CC-BY-SA 4.0, CC-BY 4.0 and CC0 1.0.
  • As this is a photo contest, we expect images of good quality and size . The size of the image should be at least 2 megapixels, unless the technology used does not allow it. The larger the file, the better.

Previous winners: 2017, 2018.

Supported by the SCI:COM conference.