Join Us for an online Edit-a-thon Celebrating “Your Library, Your Universe” during Library Week!

This Library Week, the theme “Your Library, Your Universe – Libraries are for everyone” resonates deeply as we bridge the world of libraries with the vast universe of knowledge on Wikipedia. This online event invites you to explore the endless universe of information housed within your library and contribute to expanding this cosmic realm through Wikimedia projects.

📚 Event Details:

Date: 4th to 20th of December 

Location: Online so anyone with an internet connection can participate!

The theme of this Edit-a-Thon is open for you to decide! We encourage participants to visit their local library to find sources. You could delve into the fascinating universe of Irish Culture, history, heritage or Literature. Whatever you are interested in, the goal is to bring together the boundless resources of libraries with the collaborative spirit of Wikipedia. Here, everyone has a role to play, regardless of background or experience level. So we encourage you to take a trip to your local library and see what resources you can find! 

Why the Connection?

Accessible Knowledge: Libraries champion the accessibility of information, and Wikipedia mirrors this ethos by providing free, open-access knowledge to all.

Custodians of Information: Libraries curate and preserve valuable resources; Wikipedia functions similarly, collecting, organizing, and disseminating knowledge.

Community Engagement: Both platforms thrive on community participation and collaboration, fostering a sense of shared ownership of knowledge.

Why Participate?

  • Empower Access: Enhance the accessibility of Irish cultural heritage through Wikipedia, aligning with the inclusive spirit of libraries.
  • Collective Impact: Every edit, citation, or addition made directly contributes to a more comprehensive and accurate representation of Ireland’s cultural universe.

Let’s unite in celebrating Library Week by bridging the expansive universe of knowledge housed within libraries with the collaborative platform of Wikipedia. 

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