Irish Language outreach

Wikimedia Community Ireland encourages the use of Vicipéid to enhance the digital presence of Irish on the internet. We promote the use of Vicipéid, the Irish Language Wikipedia, and facilitate Irish Language outreach events. In 2023, WCI appointed our first Irish Language Officer, or Oifigeach Gaeilge. 

Irish is officially categorised as a low-resourced language. This means that there is a lack of language and speech applications available in Irish, and it is overall poorly supported by technology. Irish is considered to be at risk of digital extinction and was listed by the UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger as definitely endangered.

Despite receiving official recognition in Northern Ireland in 1998 under the Good Friday Agreement, Irish only gained status as an official language in 2022. This official recognition was delayed due to the sectarian, political division in Ireland. Previously, the Irish language was perceived as being synonymous with Irish nationalism and republicanism.


The Irish language Wikipedia is known as Vicipéid. Vicipéid was launched in 2005, and in March 2023 it had 58,314 articles (56,164 in 2022). 

According to the Wikimedia Statistics Dashboard, there are approximately 10 active Vicipéid editors in Ireland in a given month. There are concerns in the community about the quality of the articles that already exist, and a desire to not necessarily focus on increasing the size of Vicipéid but to improve the quality and depth of the articles that already exist.

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A Wikimedia Log with text reading 'Ni neart go cur in eagar' in green and in black on a white background.

Irish Language Officer

The WCI Irish Language Officer is responsible for community outreach and the presence of the Irish Language in several digital projects. These projects include Vicipéid and other programmes such as Erasmus+ WikiWomen Project.

Seo í Amy, ár gcéad Oifigeach Gaeilge i bPobal Wikimedia na hÉireann! 

“Táim ar bís a bheith anseo agus ag obair ar roinnt smaointe le haghaidh imeachtaí PWÉ chun an Ghaeilge agis Vicipéid a chur chun cinn. Táim ag tnúth go mór le casadh oraibh sna míonna amach romhainn agus cabhair a thabhairt leis an obair mhaith á dhéanamh agaibh ar Vicipéid a neartú. 

Táim ag obair ar an dtogra Wiki na mBan freisin lenár gcomhpháirtithe san Fhreaslainn agus i dTír na mBascach. Cuirfidh an tionscnamh seo tuilleadh ailt ar Vicipéid agus laghdú a dhéanamh ar an dealú inscne. Más féidir libh smaointe a roinnt nó chun caint liom faoi himeachtaí nó feachtas a reáchtáil déan teaghmháil liom le do thoil! – seo é mo sheoladh r-post:

//in English//

This is Amy, our first Irish Language Officer at Wikimedia Community Ireland! 

“I am very excited to be on board and am working on a few ideas for events for WCI to promote the Irish language and Vicipéid. I am looking forward to meeting more of you over the coming months and helping to strengthen the work already being done on Vicipéid. I am also working on the WikiWomen project with our partners in Friesland and the Basque Country, which will be adding articles to Vicipéid and addressing the gender gap. If anyone has any ideas or to talk about running events campaigns, or collaborations please do give me a shout! My email is