No matter where you are you can log onto Wikipedia and join the online edit-a-thon! 

International Museums Day is held annually on May 18th and this year we are calling on our community to help us add to and improve the knowledge on Wikipedia about museums starting from Wednesday May 15th. 

Museums serve as dynamic educational hubs, fostering curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. In 2024, we acknowledge their contribution to research, providing a platform for exploration and the dissemination of new ideas. From art and history to science and technology, museums are vital spaces where education and research converge to shape our understanding of the world.

Join the Online Edit-a-thon!

Do you have a local museum that should have a Wikipedia page? Does it annoy you that certain museums are only available on Wikipedia in English and not Irish? Join us to take action and enhance the knowledge available about Irish museums and information about museums as Gaeilge

You can edit, create, or add sources to pages. Or if you visit a museum, you can upload photos of it, or photos of copyright-free exhibitions or artifacts to Wikipedia. 

How to Participate: 

1) If you don’t already, create a Wikipedia account and log in. Then enroll here

2) Assign yourself an article from the list of suggested articles or if you want to create a new article you can assign that to yourself either! 

3) Create your draft article in your sandbox (your own space on Wikipedia to practice editing) or make the changes to the article that already exists!

4) Publish your changes.

5) Share your edits on social media to celebrate your addition to the online encyclopedia for International Museums Day! 

6) Invite a friend to join the Editathon! 

If you need more information or guidance about editing Wikipedia pages, feel free to reach out for help. Contact

International Museum Day 2024 “Museums for Education and Research”

The theme for International Museum Day 2024 is “Museums for Education and Research” which closely aligns with the goals and intentions of Wikimedia Community Ireland

This year’s theme, underscores the pivotal role of cultural institutions in providing a holistic educational experience. This day pushes for a more conscious, sustainable, and inclusive world.

The objective of International Museum Day (IMD) is to raise awareness about the fact that, “Museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples.”

IMD was celebrated for the first time 40 years ago. All around the world, increasingly more museums participate in International Museum Day. Last year, more than 37,000 museums participated in the event in about 158 countries and territories.

Remember small edits make a difference!

If you are stuck for time you don’t have to write a whole new article for your work to be meaningful. You can:

-Fix a typo

-Make minor edits or add information to pre-existing articles

-Add or update citations 


-Add category tags to make articles more discoverable

-Add public domain images to articles or WikiCommons

-Add your own photos to Wikicommons

Let’s celebrate museums and enhance open knowledge! 

Students exploring a museum in Donostia/San Sebastian on a recent Wiki Women Erasmus+ exhange.