This year, as we mark the 75th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the WikiForHumanRights campaign is more relevant than ever. The campaign is dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to neutral, fact-based, and up-to-date information to advocate for a sustainable future that places every human’s right to a healthy environment at the forefront.  

Hosted by Sophie Fitzpatrick, Project and Communications Manager, and Amy O’Riordan, Irish Language Officer, at Wikimedia Community Ireland, and joined by Catherine Cleary of Pocket Forests this episode explores Catherine’s community project for climate action in Ireland as part of the Wiki for Human Rights Campaign 2024. 

This year our focus is not just on the Right to a Healthy Environment but also on how understanding and harnessing knowledge from the grassroots up can lead us to sustainable solutions. 


Our Guest this Episode

In this episode, we got the chance to speak to Catherine Cleary, Irish Times journalist and co-founder of Pocket Forests on the WCI podcast. Pocket Forests is a prime example of how grassroots initiatives can have a significant impact. They have worked with communities to successfully carry out urban greening with long-lasting community and environmental benefits.

Pocket Forests is an all-women team, an innovative and inclusive urban greening social enterprise based in Dublin. For the last four years, they have focused on creating healthy ecosystems and building community, resilience, and care for nature.

They have successfully carried out urban greening since 2020, supporting communities in creating more than 100 pocket forests ranging in size from a ping pong table to half a tennis court. More than 1,500 people of all ages have taken part in their workshops, learning how to repurpose waste to improve soil health, plant native Irish trees and shrubs, and care for them.

Join us for a fascinating conversation with Catherine who shared her wealth of knowledge on all things biodiversity and urban greening. We touched on the benefits of green spaces for our mental health, how people can feel more empowered in their communities in the face of climate change, why soil matters and why getting back to our roots (literally!) is crucial now more than ever.

You can listen to the podcast here, perhaps while doing some forest bathing yourself!

Find Pocket Forests at Bloom 2024
Bord Bia Bloom takes place over five days on the June Bank Holiday weekend (May 30th – June 3rd), running from 9am to 6pm daily.
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Wiki Loves Earth 2024

As part of the Wiki for Human Rights Campaign, we’re excited to announce that the Wiki Loves Earth Photo Contest will begin on June 1st in Ireland. This contest is a perfect opportunity for photographers to showcase the stunning natural beauty of Ireland while contributing to the global movement for environmental awareness.

You can find out how to enter and win prizes at here and make sure to follow us on our socials to keep up to date too! 

Catherine Cleary, Courteosy of Pocket Forests