Frequently Asked Questions


Is Wikipedia the same as Wikimedia?

Wikipedia and Wikimedia are related but different entities. Wikimedia refers to the nonprofit organization that operates various free knowledge projects, with Wikipedia being the most well-known. Wikimedia hosts a range of projects beyond Wikipedia, such as Wikimedia Commons, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, and more. Wikipedia is a specific project under the Wikimedia umbrella—a vast online encyclopedia written collaboratively by volunteers worldwide.

Is Wikimedia a charity?

Yes, Wikimedia is a nonprofit charitable organization. Its full name is the Wikimedia Foundation, and it operates with the mission of supporting and hosting various free knowledge projects, including Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. As a nonprofit, it relies on donations and grants to sustain its operations and fulfill its mission of making knowledge freely available to everyone.

What is the Wikimedia Community Ireland strategy?

You can read the Strategic Plan of Wikimedia Community Ireland on Wikimedia Commons. It covers the period of 2021-2024.

How can I volunteer with Wikimedia Community Ireland? 

You can join the working group. We are keen to involve as many people as possible in the growth of the Wikimedia Community Ireland. If you are interested in taking an active role in the working group, please email

The group meets virtually monthly over Zoom each month. we are always interested in new, interesting, or novel ways of introducing more people to Wikimedia (in English or as Gaeilge)!

You can read more about the kind of events we have previously held and upcoming ones here

What is the open knowledge movement? 

The open knowledge movement is a global initiative that advocates for free and open access to information. It aims to make information widely available to the public, without restrictions or barriers.

Why is open knowledge important? 

Open knowledge is important for many reasons. These include;

  • Accessibility 
  • Inclusivity
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Freedom of Expression

Is Wikipedia reliable? 

Wikipedia is “an online open-content collaborative encyclopedia”. Wikipedia pages are created by a voluntary association of individuals and groups working to develop a common resource of human knowledge.

Wikipedia makes no guarantee or claim to be a reliable source of information. It has no formal peer review and yes, anyone with a phone/computer and internet access can edit its content. That said, you will find valuable and accurate information on Wikipedia.

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What does Wikimedia Ireland do? 

Wikimedia Community Ireland runs numerous outreach programmes and themed photography competitions for example Wiki Science and Wiki Loves Earth. Our outreach programmes include;

  • Irish Language outreach

We encourage the use of Vicipéid, the Irish language Wikipedia to enhance the digital presence of Irish on the internet. 

  • GLAMS outreach

‘GLAMS’ stands for galleries, libraries, archives and museums. We aim to encourage public and private, galleries, libraries, archives, and museums on the island of Ireland to make their holdings more broadly and freely available and collaborate with these institutions in an effort to preserve the heritage of Ireland. We run workshops on open licenses, copyright, Wikipedia editing, Wikidata, and image uploads. We also collaborate with organisations to help them to adapt and change their workflows to allow for freer use of their images and content, while increasing awareness about their collections. These initiatives include Wiki Loves Monuments and Art+Feminism. 

  • Education Outreach

Since 2017, WCI has run events or programmes within all the universities on the island of Ireland. We develop materials for educators, and host training sessions and lectures.

  • Community Outreach

We aim to increase awareness of Wikimedia and Wikimedia Community Ireland across the country by closely with community partners. 

Read more about our collaborations and networks

What is Vicipéid?

Vicipéid is the Irish language version of Wikipedia. Vicipéid was launched in 2005 and is supported by a small community of Irish language editors. Wikimedia Community Ireland are dedicated to enhancing the quality Vicipéid and elevating the use of Irish in the digital space. 

Read more about Wikimedia Community Ireland’s Irish Language outreach.

What is Wikimedia Ireland’s Goal? 

  • We aim to help and encourage people to collect, develop, and disseminate educational, cultural, and historical content in the public domain, or under a license, that allows everyone to freely use, distribute, and modify that content.  
  • To encourage public and private, galleries, libraries, archives, and museums on the island of Ireland to make their holdings more broadly and freely available, and to collaborate with these institutions in an effort to preserve the heritage of Ireland. 
  •  To educate people in the use of free, open-source information resources, in any form, for the advancement of education. 
  • To encourage the development and release of these materials in the languages of the island of Ireland; including, but not limited to English and Irish
  • To elevate the use of the Irish language in the digital space
  • To help close the gender gap and remedy gender bias on Wikipedia.