The Irish language Wikipedia, Vicipéid, offers a unique method for the learning, engagement, and promotion of the Irish language and culture in Ireland. Wikimedia Community Ireland want to promote and extend participation in this 21st century resource through the Irish language. It provides a novel digital platform for Irish speakers to create and share information about their community and its history and culture, whilst building a lasting resource for Irish speakers around the world.

Vicipéid published its first article in 2004, and since then has grown to over 40,000 articles. It is a valuable resource within the digital Irish landscape, whilst providing a collaborative space for the Irish language to thrive in to the future. Through the international Wikimedia movement, there is the potential to develop new tools and draw on the experience of other local language communities to ensure the place of the Irish language in the digital age.

Previously we have worked with NUI Galway and DCU to facilitate editing events focusing on Vicipéid. We are always looking for ways to collaborate with Irish speakers, organisations and community groups to improve Vicipéid by offering training and editing events. These events create an opportunity for Irish speakers to improve and practice their Irish literacy skills in an informal, creative, and collaborative environment. These events can be both in-person or web-based, depending on the needs and location of the groups involved.