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Wiki Loves Folklore photo competition took place in Ireland for the first time in 2021 from 1-28 February. The competition calls on participants to take pictures of protected areas of Irish culture including festivals, material culture, dances, cuisine, clothing or daily life routine emphasising on folk culture of the island of Ireland.

Photos may have been taken at any time. The key criteria to be eligible for the contest are that they are to be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons in February 2021 and that they have been taken by you, of course!

Photos, videos or recordings need to be:

  • be taken by you
  • be of a relevant subject to the theme
  • be uploaded using the upload link
  • describe the image, and add location information when relevant
  • be uploaded between 1-28 February 2021

To participate you need a Wikimedia account, you can create an account here. Be sure to add your email address so that we can contact you when you win!

Prizes in Amazon or National Book Vouchers

  • 1st Prize: €50
  • 2nd Prize: €25
  • 3rd Prize: €15

Contest Timeline

  • 1 February: The contest officially opens, and uploading of photos begins.
  • 28 February: Contest closes, uploading of photos ends.
  • April: Winners will be announced.

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What makes Wiki Loves Folklore special

  • The global competition began in 2019
  • The competition is led and driven by a global network of volunteers
  • The competition is open to everyone, and participation is free
  • Participants will see their photos used in Wikipedia articles with a potential audience in the hundreds of millions
  • All entrants help to provide a range of locally-sourced images that are available for use on Wikipedia and elsewhere

Besides WLF being a competition, it is first a fun activity, ideal for families. The competition also allows us to share our unique culture and traditions, while improving our photographic talents!

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